Grand Falls Drug Store is a business rich with history. It was first opened in 1913 by a group of businessmen associated with the A.N.D. Company, and Mr. H. A. Morrissey was the very first pharmacist employed. Mr. Morrissey stayed for only a few years or so and watched the business become incorporated in 1915.


Grand Falls Drug Store 1913 Newfoundland

Records show the Drug Store was then run by Thomas P. McCarthy who moved to Grand Falls from Carbonear around 1918. Mr. McCarthy was really the pioneer of the business and guided it in its early years until 1956 when he died. At this time he left a thriving business to his daughter, Patricia, who had trained under her father. Patricia received her Diploma of Pharmacy in 1946, and was inspired by how her dad had successfully managed the business through two World Wars and the Great Depression. Patricia married George P. Winslow and together they ran the store for almost 30 years. During the 60's, Patricia's brother Bill also played an important role in the day to day operations of the store. Renovations to the store in the early 60's included a soda fountain which many people today still fondly remember. The Drug Store found itself in an ever-changing world on High Street, and its ability to adapt to those changes proved to be vital in its success.



Roy Green Grand Falls Drug Store NLRoy Green

Come 1985! It was time for change once again! The Winslows decided it was time for retirement, so they sold the business to a young pharmacist from Winterton, Trinity Bay who had worked with them for two years. Roy Green graduated from Pharmacy in 1983, and bought the Drug Store two years later. Roy quickly learned the secrets of a small business that had weathered the strains of time. Give good, friendly personal service and people will respect you for who you are. Simply put, people want a trusting relationship with their pharmacist. As Thomas P. McCarthy said back in 1918, "Always Make The Customer Want To Come Back!" It’s a simple recipe that has worked to this very day.

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