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Roy Green


Roy was born in Winterton, Trinity Bay and moved to Grand Falls-Windsor in June 1983 when he graduated from Pharmacy School.  In 1985 Roy bought the business from George and Patricia Winslow and is very proud to be the owner of the oldest drug store in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. His main objective is to take care of his customers and make them want to come back! He is married to Suzette Goulding of Grand Falls-Windsor, and they have four children, Sarah, Adam, Brandon and Callista.

Hubert Ajiboye

Hubert is a recent graduate & started work here July 2017. He spent most of his childhood in Grand Falls-Windsor and loves to coach basketball.

Position: Pharmacist

Loudell Rowsell

Loudell Rowsell started working with our pharmacy team in March 2017. She brings 12 years of experience with her and is very competent and reliable. A great combination!

Position: Pharmacy Assistant

Rebecca Benoit

Rebecca joined our Pharmacy Team Nov. 2016. She is upbeat, outgoing and a busy mother of two young children. She is dedicated and a hard worker!

Position: Pharmacy Assistant

Sharon Bannister

Sharon started work here in Dec. 1993. She is usually quietly behind the scene with paperwork. Well organized!

Position: Office Administrator

Francine Gillingham

Francine started work here at the drug store in Aug. 2012. She is very focused and always one step ahead of the game!

Position: Pharmacy Technician

Yvonne King

Yvonne started working here in October 2012. She is quiet, very attentive and certainly always friendly with everyone!

Position: Cashier

Susan Trask

Susan started work here at the drug store back in 1978. She is very loyal and dedicated. An unbelievable work history!

Position: Cashier

Corinne Hynes

Corinne started here at the drug store in August 2013. She is eager and industrious. She has fitted in very well!

Position: Cashier

Frank Goulding

Frank started here back in October 2000. He knows all the streets and is well acquainted with customers. The ideal fit!

Position: Prescription Delivery

Lori Blackwood

Lori joined us in May 2018 and proved to be a valuable addition to our front store, especially in the giftware department. She is married to Mark, and they have two teenage boys.

Position: Front Store Cashier

Suzette Green

Suzette retired from dental hygiene in 2015 and in the past year, adopted an active role by helping her husband Roy run the family business. She loves to interact with people and is on the scene on a 9 to 5 basis.

Position: Front Store Manager

Adam Green

Adam joined our pharmacy team as an assistant in May 2018. He has adapted to the busy pace in our dispensary, and has proven to very flexible ,especially when extra help is needed.

Position: Pharmacy Assistant
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