Feb 22 2019
Feb 22

Magic Wands Don't Make Wishes Come True... Big Hearts Do!

In 2002 Grand Falls Drug Store formed a relationship with The Childrens Wish Foundation that will last forever. It all started because of the Rebecca Thomas Story. Rebecca is the daughter of Derek and Joanne Thomas of Grand Falls-Windsor. In 2002 she had gotten ill and had visited the Janeway for medical treatment. Upon returning to Grand Falls-Windsor, she had visited Grand Falls Drug Store one morning with her grandmother, Evelyn. That morning she bought a Barbie Kinder Egg, and very shortly after, she was rushed to St.John's again for emergeny treatment. To everyone's disbelief and sadness, Rebecca died shortly after. We believe the Barbie Kinder Egg may have been the last item this little girl ever purchased.

Shortly after this tragic story, Roy formed a relationship with the Childrens Wish Foundation. With the guidance of the Local Chapter President, Mae Ivany, a plan was designed to donate 5 cents on every gallon of Purely Natural Water sold. It was Roy's way of trying to help some less fortunate child in a special way.

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