Apr 30 2015
Apr 30

The Anniversary Quilt

While the 100th Anniversary was an historic milestone and celebrations were done in style, Roy wanted to preserve the moment and event in some unique way. The idea of an anniversary quilt was then born!

The concept of the quilt was simple. Take 100 squares to each represent one year in history, and capture one major event that happened in that year. Sew all the patches together, and there is your quilt! Easy, right? Wrong!

Piece Makers Quilt Shop CBS NL

Roy turned the quilt project over to his sister, Eileen, who worked at Piece Makers Quilt Shop in CBS, NL. She took the information from Roy and started a project that involved hundreds of man hours of time. Just to explain, 30% of the squares were dedicated to Grand Falls Drug Store and pivot points in its history. Another 25% was dedicated to the Abitibi Paper Mill, due to its powerful role in Grand Falls-Windsor. Another 25% was dedicated to the Town itself. And finally, the remaining 20% was dedicated to world events, just to let people know where Grand Falls Drug Store stood in that larger time-line.

The project turned out to be a stunning success and attracts customers to the store every day. One of the main visitors seem to be teenagers, who will stand and stare at the quilt, often for 20 minutes or so, captivated by the unique history lesson that is given to them.

The Anniversary Quilt hangs at the front of Grand Falls Drug Store today.

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